What is a second?

  • At Juliska a second would indicate that the item has a cosmetic defect or flaw, never a chip or crack!
  • This could be anything from a slightly too heavily applied patina, a flaw in the glaze or over glazing in ceramics.
  • In glass this could indicate a slightly too large bubble in the glass or applied design that is out of the normal QC (quality control) range.
  • Juliska produces an artisanal product line and there will always be variations even in 1st quality product, when the product is outside of the approved QC guidelines it is then deemed 2nd quality

What does “retired” mean?

Retired is the Juliska term for discontinued, we think retired is a gentler, kinder approach…plus you can always come out of retirement (see below!)

What does “retired-ish” mean?

Retiredish is an item we are bringing out of retirement for a special limited run to be featured in our Outlet store, sale event or on our website, Juliska.com.

What is the pricing policy for second & retired goods?

  • Seconds are priced at 50% off full retail price
  • Retired items are 50% off full retail price
  • Retired-ish starts at 40% off full retail
  • We also run a Deal of the Week – this could include a “Silly Deal” – our term for an extra-great deal!

What is your return policy?

All purchases in the Outlet are final sale.

Can you purchase online?

Retired and Retired-ish items can be purchased online, Seconds are only available through the Outlet.

What is your shipping policy?

Please contact use directly for more information on our shipping policies, 203-883-6263

Do you carry all Juliska products/collections?

We have the ability to carry all Juliska products and collections, though stock can vary throughout the year.

If we don’t have the item you are looking for, we have a Wish List and once the items are available a Juliska associate will reach out to let you know the item is back in stock.